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What’s your job? Ophthalmic Assistant and OT student

What’s your favorite hobby? Getting outside and building things. My summer plan is to spend more time outside than in.

Favorite podcast/binge worthy series? I listen to my surroundings when I run, letting my body choose its cadence. Other media: Community and Scrubs.

Favorite swear word? “You Fucks”. It is all encompassing.
Cake or pie? Blueberry pie.

Race and/or run accomplishment (could be a PR or a favorite race experience): Vulcan’s Fury trail race made me feel like I was floating.

Training philosophy: are you a total stat nerd? Or do you train by feel? I go where my feet take me, at the pace they want. I aim for certain miles, but in the end it’s always about feeling.

Favorite kind of running. Trail or road, short or long distance, tempo or fun. Trail-Long-Fun.

What’s your why of running? Health and wellness. Running is an integral part of taking care of my mental and physical health. While this is done through the act of running, a major component comes from the community that surrounds such a natural function of who we are as humans.

What do you enjoy about running with a group? The camaraderie of chasing something together, even if it’s an individual goal. Having fun, talking, and supporting one another through everything. A group of runners sees everyone’s lowest point after a bad day or hard run, and their best self at the finish line (whatever that line may be).

A mantra? Or favorite quote?

Friendsgiving 2018 limerick:

Once when I was five I ran away
After my dad caught me with his beer half way
He chased me for almost a mile
But couldn’t stop vomits projectile
And that’s how I knew I’d fit as a Runaway

Lucky race item? Coffee.

Hometown: Winterport, Maine

Personal details: I live in Portland with my Fiancé/fellow Runaway and our three cats.

What’s your job? I am a Preschool Teacher for The Opportunity Alliance’s Head Start program

What’s your favorite hobby? Well… to be honest… it’s running!

Favorite podcast/binge worthy series? Favorite Podcast is Unlocking Us by Brené Brown

Favorite Cake: Chocolate cake, chocolate frosting and rainbow sprinkles

Race accomplishments: Sugarloaf Marathon May of 2019, it was my first completed marathon and my Boston qualifier

Training philosophy: Listen to your body and trust the process. In the words of Des Linden, “keep showing up.”

Favorite kind of running (trail or road, short or long distance, tempo or fun): I prefer long distance trail running and I love training for races.

What’s your why of running? I run so I can be a part of the run community. I love to challenge my body and mind and running is the best way for me to do that.

What do you enjoy about running with a group? I find running with a group to be extremely motivating. You can lean on a group of people to get you through a tough run and use them to become a better runner.

Something about you that not everyone knows or would guess: When I am recovering from spring races you will find me fly fishing in Northern Maine.

A mantra? Or favorite quote? “Erase from your mind that your preparation must be perfect. Hard work + dedication = a shot at your dreams. Keep believing.” Kara Goucher

What’s your lucky race item? My lucky socks which are squirrels in canoes.

Hometown: Plymouth, NH

Personal details: 1 live-in, rad running partner – Mack!

What’s your job? Director of Advancement at the University of Maine School of Law

What’s your favorite hobby? Long walks in the woods with Mack, reading a book in a hammock  – I need a daily dose of nature!

Race accomplishments (could be a PR or simply a favorite race experience): First triathlon I completed. It felt pretty great to finish strong and feel good after a race in which all three components didn’t come naturally. Training for my first couple of triathlons is what I credit with turning me into a regular runner.

Training philosophy: are you a total stat nerd? Or do you train by feel? I like to have a general plan, especially if I am training for a particular race, but mostly I train by feel and effort. For me to enjoy each run, I find it important to mix in other forms of exercise, like a spin class or bootcamp, in-between run days.

Favorite kind of running. Trail or road, short or long distance, tempo or fun:  I like both trail and road, especially if Mack joins in. I like to run for fun, just to get outside, move the body, and see what you can accomplish each time.

What’s your why of running? Running is a sport that gets me outside and moving, two things I need to my life daily. I can run anywhere and in any kind of weather, alone or with friends, so it’s something that works for me in almost any situation!

What do you enjoy about running with a group?  The camaraderie! I used to think I was best as a solo runner, just pounding out miles while listening to music. But running with Runaways made me realize how fun it is to get out there with others.

Something about you that not everyone knows or would guess: I bake a mean chocolate chip cookie!

A mantra? Or favorite quote? ”Life is short, eat dessert first!”

Hometown: Several hometowns as I was a ‘military brat’ as they say. So, Grand Forks AFB, ND; George AFB, CA; and finally Loring AFB, ME, the last two bases have been decommissioned since. With that said, I consider myself a ‘county boy’ from Caribou as we didn’t live on base for my Dad’s last year’s of military service. It’s where I spent my formative years, I guess you’d say. Wait, I currently live in Gorham, is that what the question is? (eyeroll)

Personal details: I’ve got two wonderful boys soon to be starting college (yikes!), an amazing girlfriend and a grumpy lop-eared rabbit named Opus. I also have chickens (for the eggs) as I love
breakfast (maybe my favorite meal of the day) and putting good use to all my vegetable, bread scraps. I love to travel… anywhere really, but I tend to gravitate toward geologically cool places like mountains, canyons, deserts and lake regions. In recent years, I’ve started to destination race so I can combine my love of running with seeing new parts of the world. Last year I ran a 100K in Alberta, Canada with a great friend and got to explore Banff and Jasper Provincial Parks during our stay. So amazing and plan on going back soon. This year takes me to Zion National Park in Utah for another 100K challenge and my girlfriends first official trail race. Excited!

What’s your job? I work for IDEXX as a User Experience Architect. I basically work with the business to help them create online experiences that support their business goals and provide value to our customers. I then get to work closely with a team of developers that bring that experience to reality. It’s rewarding to be on both ends of the development cycle and seeing our products get used to improve our customer’s day-to-day experience with our company.

What’s your favorite hobby? I love hiking in the mountains; especially multi-day backcountry hiking in high elevations with alpine lakes. There are so many amazing places to see and experience all with unique challenges and rewards. It’s where I find peace in this crazy world we live in. It reminds me who I am, what’s important and it’s where I feel most alive. When I’m not running or hiking, I enjoying doing projects around the house. I’m pretty good with a chainsaw and I plan on expanding my backyard deck this Spring and doing some much-needed landscaping.

Race accomplishments: HS Track: 1600m – 4:39; Vermont 100 – 28:02:31; Lost Soul Ultra 100k – 16:31:46 (2nd in Age Division); Old Pueblo Endurance Run 50-miler – 12:58:30

Training philosophy: are you a total stat nerd? Or do you train by feel? I track mileage and overall times, but I typically run to how I’m feeling. Even in a race, my philosophy going in is just to finish and as I ease into the race, my body/mind decides where to go from there. I’m not one for schedules. I have a general idea of how my week ahead needs to be as far as mileage and I get it done. Sometimes life gets in the way, but I don’;t beat myself up when that happens… I simply adjust. I like endurance running but that doesn’t mean I need to put in crazy miles every week. It does mean that you need to well-balanced strength across your entire body. I’d say finding that balance in training to maintain that core strength is the greatest challenge for me. This could easily be a full-time job. Endurance running for me is about the experience, challenging yourself, overcoming physical and mental barriers and reinforcing the idea that as humans, we can do some pretty amazing things. It’s good stuff.

Favorite kind of running: Trail running is 100% for me without a doubt. Being so close to nature and away from much of our man-made existence is the place best suited for physical challenge and mental health. Getting to a mountain summit, an alpine lake or a scenic view on your own power, quickly with a solid challenge is the greatest reward.

What’s your why of running? Running clears my mind, challenges my body and allows me to eat and drink nearly anything I want.

What do you enjoy about running with a group? It so nice to always have people in a group run to talk with and motivate you. People that understand running, understand the ups and downs, understand that it’s okay to be off your game now and then… people you consider family. That’s what this club is… more than friends; FAMILY in the strongest sense of the word. There’s respect, admiration, compassion and a ton of laughter with the Runaways and that’s what makes this group so special.

Current running goal: To run in Western States Endurance Run, a 100-miler. This will be my third year entering the lottery for that race. Seeking that annual qualifier keeps me motivated and focused on staying healthy and strong. I’d also like to do one or two of the UTMB races in France/Switzerland someday.

A mantra? Or favorite quote? Age should never be an excuse.

Shapleigh, Maine

Favorite Hobby: Mostly just making sarcastic comments and quips at exactly the right time

Race/Run Accomplishments: Current title and course record holder of Firebird 25k and 50k. 2019 Riverlands 100 finisher. 4th place beer mile 2019

Training Philosophy: Calculated. Know your battle and how you’ll attack it.

Favorite kind of running: Racing, any distance. My competitive side triggers something in me that I enjoy during a race. I have to really suppress that in casual running and running should not be about suppression.

What’s your why of running: Two years ago, I’d have said it was personal (can look up my Lewiston Sun Journal article from last year to see why). Since I met the Runaways, it’s more communal and inspirational. It’s like blood donation; my body has a unique gift that I can keep using to help others and with minimal effort by me. It’s why I always try to fundraise for a big event.

What do you enjoy about running with a group: The growth in people from week to week. Watching someone work hard to beat Back Cove one week and enter a half a few months later. I like being able to use my own experience to help just as many have helped me.

Something about me that not everyone knows: Hmmmm…well most don’t know that I’m quite frequently found in the Slayer concert documentary Still Reigning.

Mantra: “You’re spending too much time at this aid station. Keep moving” -Tammy Volock, 2019

Lanesborough, MA (likely an hour further west than what you probably think the furthest point of Western Mass is).

Personal details: Fresh Air, Clinic, Sleep. Repeat. Insert friends and family whenever possible.

What’s your job/school? I am in my third year of dental school at University of New England.

What’s your favorite hobby? Sea Kayaking in Casco Bay.

Race/run accomplishments: Without explicitly trying to hasten this process, I am working towards surpassing my age with number of marathons ran. 42% of the way there currently. My favorite race would have to be MDI Marathon. A combination of the island itself, the race’s timing with peak foliage, and the ocean views, lead to a great time.

Training philosophy: Depends on stage of life. In undergrad when I was on a club team, I definitely trended towards stat nerd. After starting dental school I had to shift to training by feel because I could tell that pursuit of stats was often times asynchronous with demands of school.

Favorite kind of running: I do not have top end/explosive speed for short distances. Never had, and never will. The extent of my athleticism is propelling this body in one direction at a reasonable pace for an unreasonable amount of time. Instead of a favorite surface, I’d say I have a favorite time of day: Sunrise.

What’s your why of running? Because so much can stem from something so simple and natural, both personal and interpersonal. I also like to use running goals as stepping stone for drive/empowerment to meet professional ones.

What do you enjoy about running with a group? The accountability and camaraderie. On Tuesday morning Cove runs in particular, I can think of several weather events that would have kept me indoors under solo circumstances but knowing that the group would be out here put logic on the back-burner, in a fun way.

Something about you that not everyone knows or would guess: I lived in Australia for four months during college.

A mantra? Or favorite quote? “Relentless Forward Progress”. That is to say, whether applied endurance sports or to daily life, set a goal don’t give up. There’s always some way to still make progress towards the goal that was set out to accomplish, even if not how anticipated.

(No relation to Lindsey Wilson)

Billerica, MA, now Biddeford, ME

Personal details: 2 dogs (who frequent runaways) and 1 cat (who won’t wear the harness to run, boo)

What’s your job? Application Engineer for Trane (Air Conditioning)

What’s your favorite hobby? Skiing, Crossfit, and Running Race/run accomplishment: Every time I get out there and run, it’s an accomplishment. I couldn’t run all through high school, and most of college. So I’m extremely proud of my two half marathons, and upcoming first marathon!

Training philosophy: are you a total stat nerd? Or do you train by feel? I make sure I move at least 2 hours a day. Typical day is a crossfit session, and either a run or a swim or a bike (occasionally I will just relax and walk the dogs, but not often). Try to get one long run in a week. And of course skiing (or hiking) on weekends for ‘active recovery’. But I don’t follow a plan, because I like to live in the moment and listen to my body.

Favorite kind of running: I love trails with my dogs and getting fresh air. Also love long road runs seeing new areas. And love friend runs. But no speed work. I hate speed work…

What’s your why of running? Because I can. Because I love fresh air. Because I love where my legs can take me, and I want my legs to take me further every time I’m out there. And sometimes I don’t want to, but I take my dogs out for a run and they have the biggest smile on their face, and it reminds me of why I do it.

What do you enjoy about running with a group? The motivation and positivity in the running community really does it. When you accomplish something, everyone is so happy for you. And when others accomplish things, you feel so stinking proud of them, that it motivates you to try to reach your next goal. Also chatting for an hour long run goes by a lot faster than listening to music for an hour.

Something about you that not everyone knows or would guess: I used to be terrified of dogs growing up, up through college. It took meeting some really good doggos to change that, and convince me I needed some of my own.

A mantra? Or favorite quote? “What hurts today makes you stronger tomorrow”

Dylan Staats. Photo by Lead the Way Captures.

Age: 24

Favorite running shoe: Adidas

Favorite pump up jam: Reflections – Misterwives

When and how did you start running? Running barely existed in my life before Runaways, but I first started going on occasional short runs when I moved to Portland two years ago. I was wearing the same sneakers I’d had since tenth grade and never ran further than a slow two miles.

What do you love most about running? I love the social aspect of running. I look forward to the group runs every week and am grateful for the community that I have become part of through running. It’s motivating for me to be around other people with a common interest.

What is your biggest running accomplishment? This was my first year running and I set a goal of participating in at least one race. I ended up running a 5k race in October and placed first in my age group. It was not only my fastest 5k time, but also my fastest mile.

Advice for new runners?  Find something that motivates you, whether it’s a race, personal health, or beer at the finish line. Also, be consistent with your runs and it will get easier.

What is your favorite trail/place to run?  I love running back home in rural Vermont. It’s a chance for me to run with family when we’re all in town, and old dirt roads are hard to find in Portland.

Favorite post-run meal? Homemade pizza! It’s easy to throw together after a run, and I think there is a rule that says you are allowed 1 slice per mile you ran? (maybe that’s something I made up)

How did you get involved in Runaways? I was coaxed into coming to a run after my girlfriend convinced me that it wouldn’t be so bad. It was the second official week of Runaways and I was greeted with a high five and a daunting route. After that, running became a part of my lifestyle.

Favorite runaways pub run spot? Bissell Brothers always brings a good crowd and I feel like I’ve earned my Substance after the uphill trek to the Western Prom.

Hidden talent/something we don’t know about you? I love to bake bread. I’m fascinated with everything to do with homemade bread—the process, the health benefits, and the taste. There is nothing more satisfying than grinding my own flour and mixing a fresh loaf. It has become a weekend routine!


Favorite running shoe: Saucony

Favorite pump up jam: Get Out Of Your Mind (Little John)

When and how did you start running? I started seriously running May of 2016. I challenged myself to run everyday for a year once I came back from traveling in the winter time. I had a negative relationship with running prior to this challenge because my high school volleyball program centered around running as a punishment. Any small mistake the program made resulted in us running for entire practices sometimes. I decided that I wanted to shift my negative views of running with this goal.

What do you love most about running? The aspect I love most about running is the absolute thinking/reflecting time it allows me. I find that even when so many things in my life that are out of my control overwhelm me, I can come to running and have an opportunity to readjust, refocus, and breathe through the stress. I have never come back from a run feeling worse mentally or emotionally and that to me is a really beautiful part of running.

What is your biggest running accomplishment? My biggest running accomplishment is running every day for a year, ultimately making it to 390 days. I ran every one of those runs in the state of Maine with the exception of one that took place in Massachusetts. It was the first time since moving to Maine in 2009 that I had made it through an entire winter without traveling. Being able to challenge myself to continue running through the cold, rain, and long days brought me a lot of happiness and purpose, especially during snow storms.

Advice for new runners? My advice for new runners is this: Keep trying. Lacing up your shoes can be the most difficult task when it comes to running, but when you get going and hit your stride, that feeling keeps you motivated. Some days are harder than others, but if you keep trying, you recognize the difference.

What is your favorite trail/place to run? My favorite place to run is the West End of Portland to the East End. I often complete my miles and then use the return home to the West End to complete different errands or check the happy hour menus to make note of the next place to check out. When I first moved to Portland, I held off registering my car and instead ran everywhere I needed to go. It was a super fun way to learn the area and make some cool discoveries.

Favorite post-run meal? When it comes to my favorite post-run meal, nothing competes with chips and salsa.

How did you get involved in Runaways? I first got involved with the Runaways in March after seeing the group posted on Instagram. That page lead me to the Facebook group and I attended my first run at Novare Res that evening.

Favorite runaways pub run spot? Of the pubs/breweries we’ve ran from, my favorite has been Bissell Brothers. It’s the best location for catching a sunset on the West End and their Substance is one of my favorite IPA’s ;D

Hidden talent/something we don’t know about you? Something that you don’t know about me? I could swim before I could walk.

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